New Step by Step Map For best

not spoiled or tainted; edible; palatable: The meat was still very good after 3 months from the freezer.

arrive at no excellent, to end in failure or being a failure: Her jealous family stated that she would come to no superior.

In combination with even more refining the use of insulin, Best later on identified the vitamin choline plus the enzyme histaminase, which breaks down histamine.

a compartment or enclosure around a ship's pumps to help make them easily available and secure them from remaining damaged with the cargo.

Superior is typical as an adverb in casual speech, Specially after kinds of do: He did superior within the take a look at. She sees good together with her new Eyeglasses. This use would not happen in formal speech or edited writing, the place the adverb perfectly is utilized alternatively: He did perfectly around the examination. She sees very well along with her new Eyeglasses. The adjective good is normal immediately after linking verbs like flavor, smell, appear, truly feel, be, and appear to be: All the things preferences good.

to a substantial extent or degree (often applied in combination): a sum perfectly above the quantity arranged; a nicely-made concept.

experienced best, will be wisest or most reasonable to; ought to: You had best cellphone your mom to tell her in which you are going.

moral or product advantage or use; reward or profitfor The nice here of our workers; what's the fantastic of worrying?

Drinking water or pressurized fuel is usually pumped right into a nonproducing oil nicely to press petroleum means from underground reservoirs. See also artesian very well.

Horse Racing. (on the area of the track) drying following a rain so as to be continue to marginally sticky: This horse operates best on a fantastic observe.

all for the best, for The great as the ultimate final result; to an greatest benefit: At the time it was tricky to realize how it could be all for that best. Also with the best.

to obtain the higher of; defeat; defeat: He simply bested his opponent in hand-to-hand overcome. She bested me while in the argument.

a hollow compartment, recessed location, or depression for Keeping a particular item or goods, as fish in the bottom of a ship or even the retracted wheels of an airplane in flight.

A deep gap or shaft sunk in the Earth to faucet a liquid or gaseous material like h2o, oil, gasoline, or brine. In the event the substance is not under sufficient stress to movement freely from your nicely, it need to be pumped or lifted mechanically for the floor.

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